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November 15, 2007: PedigreePost renewed, a phoenix risen from the ashes, is now online.

Please bookmark the NEW url:

This is the second generation of Les Brinsfield's website for those interested in selection, pedigrees, pedigree-matching, breeding theories and other aspects of selective mating of Thoroughbreds for racing and breeding performance.  If you race or breed Thoroughbreds, you may find here on inspiration, ideas, and stimulation from kindred souls - all who love and admire the Thoroughbred horse.

My own journey through the pleasures of breeding and racing Thoroughbred horses has been greatly enriched by the counsel of Les Brinsfield.  When went down, I decided to sponsor its rebirth as an expression of my appreciation for what I have learned from him.

I also want to acknowledge the contributions of Anne Peters, Adrian Parry, all the authors who so generously contributed their time & effort, and the contributions of any others I may have inadvertently omitted.

Very soon Pedigree Post will be able to receive new submissions.  
Thank you for your interest - Loren Bolinger, Running Horse Farm LLC

The Pedigree Post was developed as a vehicle for writers to present their ideas on pedigrees and breeding trends.  By studying the pedigrees of top horses, past and present, and by using the knowledge from these studies we will increase the likelihood of breeding a champion horse in the future.

Published articles are copyrighted in the name of the author, not Pedigree Post. Our feeling is that the articles (barring outside quotes and outright plagiarism) are the intellectual property of the author and our mission is to encourage more people to put their ideas in print and to share these ideas."

The Archive of past articles is available here for all to read.

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Pedigree is brought to you by
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